Intensive Accompaniment

Are you often overwhelmed by your feelings? Do you get stuck or distract yourself with all kinds of input to avoid feeling (e.g. internet, series, computer games or social media)?
Do you wish for change, because distraction does not help in the long run?

Then here is my intensive accompaniment LEARN ACCEPTANCE for you!

Acceptance is what we seek and strive for. Akzeptanz of ourselves, our feelings and our life situations. Because deciding and acting out of acceptance automatically leads to lasting change that is true to who we are and supports us.

Learn to use your energy positively for yourself instead of being in resistance with your feelings.

Acceptance is an active process and the focus in my work.

Why is learning acceptance so important?

Because real, sustainable change is born out of acceptance, but we are mostly - without knowing it - in resistance with what we feel. Since this mostly runs unconsciously like a program, it is important to make these processes in us conscious and to accept our feelings in the present moment. My accompaniment supports this process of becoming aware and accept.

I accompany you intensively over one to three months and we are in contact exactly when you need it. During this time I support you in feeling and accepting your feelings. We also deal with your very personal needs and together we develop individual tools for you, which support you in accepting, so that you can subsequently cope without me. Help for self-help!

We often received only little acceptance in our childhood and we still feel the effects of that now, mostly in the form of low self-worth and self-judgment. Therefore, my accompaniment also includes nurturing the need for unconditional acceptance and being seen and supports you in learning to give this to yourself.

This is not about wanting to make bad feelings go away or to always feel good. This is not possible and also not wanted, because you NEED all your feelings. They belong to your natural navigation system and to your wholeness. Through acceptance, however, you are no longer a slave to your feelings, but the space in which they are allowed to take place. So you gradually learn to use your natural emotional navigation system as your compass in life again, e.g. to set healthy boundaries.

Acceptance is not resignation, but also not a positive or negative evaluation, but value-free acceptance that takes place in your whole system.

My accompaniment includes for one month:

  • 2 scheduled sessions (live in Vienna or online) a 1.5 to 2 hours, where we do systemic constellations or what you need right now.
  • Approx. 2 times per week online check-ins a 30 to 45 minutes. Gladly, if you need it acutely.
  • In between you send me updates via voice message. If desired, you will receive feedback, reminders of what you have already learned, and encouragement.
  • Developing your personal tools together that can help you with acceptance or can be used daily for prevention.
  • Suggestions from my holistic toolbox for acute help, but also for prevention and to deepen and anchor positive emotions.

You get:

  • Help for self-help.
  • You learn to observe yourself, your thoughts, your feelings and your actions and thus become more and more aware of yourself and can go into acceptance more and more easily.
  • You become aware of your individuality. Every moment is different and needs something different from you.
  • You become aware of your needs and learn how to fulfill them.
  • You learn to detect and integrate beliefs and convictions.
  • You learn that acceptance does not only happens in the head, but also in the body.

My accompaniment is the kick-off to your sustainable change, which takes place on a deep level, based on acceptance within you. Thereby you become more satisfied and come closer to yourself. Your self-love and self-worth increase parallel to your ability to accept.

I will accompany you for one, two or three months, depending on how confident you feel to continue practicing on your own.

Your investment in yourself is 650 EUR per month.

Are you ready to take responsibility for yourself?
Are you ready to change your life through acceptance?
Do you have the courage to face and accept your emotions?
Do you want to observe yourself and get to know yourself better?
Do you have the patience and perseverance to learn and practice acceptance over and over again?
Do you resonate with my offer?
Do you still have any questions?

Then let's find out if my support is right for you in a free, no-obligation online initial consultation.

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