As you may know already by reading through my website, my life is all about becoming more and more aware of myself. To recognize, experience and thereby accepting me exactly as I am.

Part of this path was letting go of my life and my belongings and leaving Germany in 2017.
I packed my few belongings into my car and hit the road not knowing where I want to live.

This radical cut changed my whole life. I was facing my greatest fears and challenges..

Meanwhile I am based in Vienna facing the challenges of my daily life here. Because it doesn't matter how much I change on the outside, I always take myself, my patterns and belief systems with me.

The most important tool on my path is the willingness to feel what is alive in my body in the moment, whether it feels good or bad. To take the moment as it is and not to judge it. This is devotion to life and for me the basis of everything.

Does that sound simple? Yes, in theory it is. Practically however it is exactly what we always want to avoid, because it often feels very uncomfortable.

How do I manage it anyway? By taking 100% responsibility for my life. I am aware that there are no external circumstances or other people who are responsible for my current situation.
I am creating my life, no matter if I like it or not.

Taking responsibility for my life is not a burden, but a liberation. If I blame others for my problems, I am powerless, dependent and unable to change anything. When I take responsibility for myself, I have the power over my life and am able to solve my problems and take care of myself. That means freedom to me.

I am not dependent on the outside in order to feel good. I am the creator of my life. We all are. We create our lives every single second. But mostly we do it unconsciously.
I decide to be the conscious creator of my life.

I decide to make experiences and lovingly explore my boundaries. I accept the challenges that life gives me, because there is no better and faster way for me to go out of my comfort zone and grow.

I am already whole. My wholeness is just buried under my belief systems that I have been taught in my childhood and youth.

When I use the term growth, I mean to grow into my innate greatness. Into my innate creativity, power and gifts.

Even if this path is not always easy, for me it is the only way to live life to the fullest, to enjoy it and to stay healthy. I walk it playfully, with a lot of joy and humor. 

Life means PLAY and ADVENTURE. Follow the joy, explore, live, love, laugh, fall down, get up, start again.

I am right in it. In life.

If you want to find your path, I will be happy to accompany you. (100%.yours)