Having the courage to meet yourself and others openly and honestly and follow your own impulses, is the path to your authentic, self-responsible and free life. It leads to self-acceptance and self-love, which is your birthright and the cornerstone for your happy life. This is exactly the path I am on and I am happy to offer you my support.

My coaching sessions go deep, so that your heart can open again and you can turn towards yourself.

I am systemic and holistic coach

Systemic means that we live in one big and several small systems and everything is in relation and interaction with each other. Every change of my behavior entails a change of the whole system (environment).

Holistic for me means that everything is allowed to be there and I let go of the judgements and resistances in my life. This is how I connect my basic trust with my manifestation power. Surrender to life and yet consciously manifest what’s in alignment with me.
Holistic also means that I observe myself and everything around me from different perspectives. This observer position is an important key for me to become more and more conscious. The more conscious I become, the more I can recognize and accept myself.

My coaching is based on 3 pillars:
The most important is my accompaniment to feel your feelings and letting go of the resistance against them.
In addition, I work with systemic constellations, which help you to become aware of your situation and receive your own solutions from connecting your subconscious with your consciousness.
Sometimes I also use mirroring, where I share my subjective perception with you and you feel whether you resonate with it or not.

I am a highly sensitive, empathic person and very strongly connected to my intuition.

I offer you a safe space where you can open yourself to be reminded of your own truth. Together we will discover belief systems and judgements so that they can transform and your life can flow freely again.

My value is 100% acceptance of your self, with everything that is there.

Thereby your feelings are your navigation system to come back to trust, while opening and unfolding your manifestation power.

This is the way back to your unique self and thus to your inner freedom.

Because you are already whole.

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