Here in my space it is all about Self Awareness. Being aware of myself, my light and my shadow, is the basis of self-acceptance and self-love and thus of my life itself.

Everything begins within me. As I perceive the world, through my individual glasses, so it will be reflected to me. And with it, all living beings in it. They reflect to me my own reality, my convictions and beliefs.
If I like this reflection on the outside, everything is good.
If I don't like it, I may look deep inside myself.  I am invited to illuminate my shadows, look at them and lovingly accept them. Situations on the outside are best suited for introspection. What does it have to do with me, that is happening right now?

Most of the time, what I see is not bad at all. What is bad is my resistance to it. If I give up this resistance and accept who I am and what I feel, miracles can happen on the inside and on the outside. The key is to consciously feel the feelings in my body.

Can you feel the longing for yourself?
If you are ready to approach yourself, to become aware of yourself, then I will be happy to accompany you.

I offer coaching and workshops on site in Vienna or via Zoom.
You can learn more about it here: 100%.yours

More details about my special offer intensive accompaniment LEARNING ACCEPTANCE you can find here.