Water is life. Every living being is dependent on water.
But water is not active. She is passiv and receptive, a driven force. She gets moved by the forces around her. The wind, the earth, the currents, the temperature, the living beings in and around her.

Water is the holding space that reacts impulsively to the movements that happen in and around her. She opens you, makes you wide and you feel free just by looking at her. There is something special when you touch water and being gently touched by her. You know what I mean.
And when you open up, surrender to her and flow with her, she will welcome and carry you in the most sensitiv and loving way possible. Water brings your emotions to the surface, where she washes them away.

Water is innocent, she loves to play. 
If you try to block her way, she will gently move around you and find new ways and places where her gifts are wanted. If the ground underneath her is shaking, water moves to a giant wave. 

Water needs grounding, a solid space to be in. She needs a vessel, where she can unfold and her waves can meet the shore. The gentle transition from the inner to the outer world.

Water is connecting. Pure energy. 
Water is patient. She has nothing to achieve, no goal, no vision. 
She is always whole, no matter what temperature, physical state, sweet or salty. 
Water simply is and as passive and receptive she is, she still rules the world and has the capability to nourish and heal.

Water is pur, she is the essence of herself.

I am grateful, because 
I am water 🌊

What about you, sister?

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