What does silence have to do with death?

There are so many analogies that show us why we need to integrate death into our lives and why life without death can never exists. Like death as winter in nature’s cycles, like death as night in our 24 hour cycle, like death as exhaling in our breathing cycle, etc.
My most recent favorite analogy is that death is silence. I became aware of it listening to Daras voice in on of the meditations at the end of a self pleasure practice. She said something like „behind all sound is complete silence“. I realized that every sound emerges from silence. It has a beginning and an end. In between it lives. Silence, beginning, life, end, silence. A sound is only a sound because it is carried by silence. 

A sound is born from silence and has to die into silence again in order to make space for a new sound and so forth. And that creates a melody. A melody is build by life and death of multiple sounds carried by silence. Without silence there is no melody. 

Without death there is no life.

Just like silence carries a melody, death carries life.
Death is the space that life needs to bring itself into existence. 

Life cannot exist, if there is no death. All of nature comes from death. Something is born, lives and dies and with it’s death it builds the ground for new life. A plant is born, lives and her death nurtures another being or fertilizes the ground for more life to come. Over and over again.
All life is carried by death. 

Death is the essence. Maybe death is the beginning not the end?

In order to live fully we need to invite death. We need to die over and over again. I mean dying as letting go of things, humans, habits, pain bodies, wishes, believe systems, etc.
Every time I practice death I become more aware, more conscious, more accepting, MORE ALIVE.

Inviting death means consciously playing my own unique melody of life.